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What We Do

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Alaska is a growing organization of people that understand that sports and athletics is a path to grow as a person; physically, mentally, and spiritually.  We understand the importance of integrity, serving others, teamwork, and excellence.  Our faith in Jesus Christ leads us to provide excellent coaching training, workshops, and continuing support.  We utilize a Three Dimensional strategy for coaching.

The First Dimension of coaching is making athletes bigger, faster, stronger, and more skilled.  Every coach tries to do that.  The Second Dimension tries to instill the layer of motivation, determination, teamwork, leadership, and persistence.  Many successful coaches do this. The Third Dimension helps athletes and coaches strive to be the best people they can be, and to carry the lessons they've learned in sports into their personal lives and communities. The best coaches have done this.  John Wooden at UCLA is one of them, as well as Tom Landry in Dallas.  Attributes of helping, kindness, faith, and love, are coached so that we can be good people, as well as great athletes.  The steroid era of baseball is an example of greatness without goodness.  When we can combine greatness with goodness, we can make the world a better place, and help fulfill God's desires for us.  

This is the path for FCA Alaska: To make our athletes both great, and good, inspiring them to build a better world.