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Who We Are

Who are these people, anyway?

We are a low-budget, grassroots organization dedicated to redeeming the culture of sports for the glory of Jesus Christ.  We train athletes & coaches in life, leadership and faith using the universal language of athletic competition.  We are local missionaries, serving in places where traditional ministry does not reach: locker rooms, coaches' offices, soccer fields, and ice rinks, to name a few.  We are passionate about the love of Christ and relentless about grace.

Want to know more about us, or the Alaska Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) ministry?  Visit the "Join the Team" tab or give us a call!  We would love to meet you for lunch or invite you over for dinner.


Alaska FCA Team

Benjamin Hemmila

 Alaska FCA State Director

 Alaska FCA 

PO Box 244171   Anchorage, AK 99524