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Who We Are

Who are these people, anyway?

We are a low-budget, grassroots organization dedicated to redeeming the culture of sports for the glory of Jesus Christ.  We train athletes & coaches in life, leadership and faith using the universal language of athletic competition.  We are local missionaries, serving in places where traditional ministry does not reach: locker rooms, coaches' offices, soccer fields, and ice rinks, to name a few.  We are passionate about the love of Christ and relentless about grace.

Want to know more about us, or the AKFCA ministry?  Visit the "Join the Team" tab or give us a call!  We would love to meet you for lunch or invite you over for dinner.



Heath Day

AKFCA State Director


I am a husband, parent of two incredible kiddos, and a coach and athlete.  I have had the privilege to travel the world and experience sports at all levels, and I strive to share the experience I have gained with others - specifically fellow coaches.  I truly believe we have the ability to change the future through our coaching, and I love working with others who share that mission.


Alaska FCA

PO Box 244171   Anchorage, AK 99524


Board Chair 

Skip Hurst


Skip Hurst is husband to Alison and father to 3 beautiful girls (Samantha 24, Aundrea 18, and Brynn 3).  He has been a sports broadcaster for 7 years with FOX, CBS-Sports, ABC, The CW, and the Alaska Sports Channel covering High School football, basketball, hockey, and UAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball and Gymnastics. He believes that sports play an important part in instilling stability in our youth and developing maturity. The  best tool for instilling these attributes is The Coach. His desire is to provide support to both coaches and student athletes to help them be the best!


Kylee Hickok


 I am a lifelong Alaskan who loves the vision and mission of FCA. I am committed to seeing FCA impact the lives of athletes and coaches throughout Alaska the way it has impacted my own family.

Cathleen Lewis


I was born and raised in Alaska, as were my children. As the mother of 2 athletes, I recognize the significant impact of sports on the development of character, endurance, discipline, and relationships. The values that so many coaches try to teach our children parallel the Biblical fruits of the Spirit, which makes sports a natural vehicle for spiritual growth. My desire is that every athlete that comes in contact with Alaska FCA learns a greater "Why", and that connection strengthens them in victory and defeat, and all other circumstances.

Brett Slaathaug


My goal for FCA is to create an atmosphere of explosions and twice the hand clapping in their spiritual walk.